West Lynchburg Baptist Church
Saturday, November 28, 2015
The Church With Heart in the Heart of the City

College & Young Adult Ministries

Welcome to the College & Young Adult class at West Lynchburg Baptist Church.  Our website is currently under construction so, please, come back later once we've finished!  We're still testing our website design features from the hosting company.

Sunday School

    Our class meets every Sunday morning (weather permitting) at 9:45, though we relax, socialize, and eat food until 10:05ish.  Currently, there are posters from the main entrance of the church that point the way to the "Young Adults" class (which is us) as our class is located downstairs.  We will provide some basic snacks/food and coffee every morning and usually use Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee.  Many of our students are Liberty University students (both on-campus and commuter) though we have local career-based individuals as well.  We have a couple who teach the class primarily - Tommy and Melissa Woodford- and an assisting couple who help with the functions of the class and research - Mark and Lydia Sanders.

Bible Study


   iMPACT: College & Young Adult Bible Study

Saturdays, 7pm-9pm

Every Saturday night during the fall and spring semesters, the college-age adults (student or not) meet for a Bible study called iMPACT, directed by Michael Phillips. The Bible study is from 7 to 9pm. See the iMPACT College Facebook Page for updates and special news. Or you can go to our Google Site for recent information. Free rides are available to students and young adults in the area.   

Our Purpose:

We propose that every student that enters this class is in some sort of transition between childhood and adulthood, undergraduate education to graduate, undergraduate to the work world, parent-given beliefs and personal beliefs, job to job, career to career, and more.  This time can be a bit hectic for everyone involved and thus we want to provide a setting for you to reach out to others during this time and find some comfort in friends.  We also wish to challenge students to the core of their belief systems so that their faith is their own and not just answers fed to them along the way.

Our Lessons:

Our lessons currently center around an expositional approach to a book of the Bible.  We have the students vote for the book to study and we take it piece-by-piece.  We also are trying to include a cultural highlight in each lesson that explains a small amount about the social or cultural settings that each passage refers to.  These cultural highlights will build until, at the end of the book, we will go back and see all the information we've learned about the life and times of these individuals apart from short phrases or vague descriptions in that portion of the Bible.

Our Structure:

We believe that students ought to participate in the class as a family but should only do so if they have a desire and passion for it.  God does not desire humans to attend church just to check off an invisible list of good deeds; He wants humans to love serving him and not see it as a chore.  We have several students involved in different aspects of the class like activities coordination, greeting, visitor followup, and refreshments.  Anyone wishing to participate in any aspect of the class is encouraged and welcomed.