West Lynchburg Baptist Church
Tuesday, December 01, 2015
The Church With Heart in the Heart of the City

Deacon Ministry

Following the example of the earliest Christian church, as recorded in Acts 6:1-7, West Lynchburg Baptist Church has set aside a group of committed laymen to assist the pastor in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the congregation. Active deacons are selected by the church according to criteria outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-14, and serve three-year terms. Each deacon is assigned a group of church families to whom he ministers. Deacons minister in a variety of ways, including visiting members who are hospitalized, comforting families following the death of a loved one, and serving as spiritual advisors. Some deacons have even been known to shovel snow for shut-ins and wash windows for widows! In a word, deacons at West Lynchburg are servants, not senators.


Deacon List

Ian Bacon 

Steve Creasy 

Greg Exner 

Joseph Ferris 

Blane Fox 

Jerry Gallagher 

Robert Garber 

John Harrison 

Danny Jennings 

Keith Jones 

Cecil Kendrick 

Daniel Kendrick 

Paul King 

Robert Lane 

Ken Lane 

Marshall Leftwich 

Winston Mead 

Mark Milton 

Ed Moldenke 

John Neiderer 

Andy Ott 

Josh Parker 

Charles Ripley 

Jerry Stevens 

Scott Werthman 

Wayne Wright 

Thomas Wright 

Tom Yarber